Computer Errors Can Wreck You Day

A computer is a complex piece of machinery that most people simply don't understand inside out and backwards. With complicated programming, sophisticated hardware and peripherals all in place, when something goes wrong with a computer, it can be hard to track down the source. Oftentimes, however, the real problem lies in the programming, not the hardware, and something as simple as fixing the Windows Registry can alleviate the computer errors. If you think of your computer as a giant electronic filing cabinet, the Windows Registry is the brains behind the operation. Here is where all information necessary to configure your system is stored. Basically, the registry is responsible for storing all the information required to configure the filing cabinet for multiple users, applications and hardware devices.

The registry itself holds all the information Windows, the filing cabinet's operating system, needs for proper operation. It sorts all the information by user, holds the individualized settings and even keeps up with settings that are universal across all users on a computer system. When computer errors happen, very often there's a glitch in the Windows Registry itself. The problem, however, is hunting down the program. Think of it as looking for a file out of place in the Library of Congress' records room and you get the idea of the task at hand.

If you encounter frequent computer errors, there are a few things you can do to make sure the system gets repaired properly. Here are some of the top things to look for when computer errors happen: * Power problems: If your computer error involves power issues, make sure the machine is plugged in. Silly, it is, but sometimes plugs get jimmied from their locations. If that's not it, check the circuit the computer is on and also the power supply on and off button in the back of the machine. If none of these work, it's possible your power supply has died. If that's the case, the repair is generally pretty inexpensive.

* Operating issues, such as the blue screen of death, slow performance and so on: The first place to start is with a scan disk and a defragmentation of the hard drive. You can perform these tasks to fix computer errors by clicking on "My Computer," right clicking the "C" drive and selecting properties. Here you will find a tab called "Tools," select it and schedule a defrag and a scan disk, also called "Error-checking.

" * Conflicts: If you've recently installed new hardware, your computer errors might be the result of conflicts for ports or so on. Check in your device manager to make sure conflicting items have been turned off, such as an onboard networking card when a new, freestanding, one has been added to the system. Computer errors can really wreck your day, but they can oftentimes be found and fixed within a few simple steps. There are even programs available that help check the registry system to make sure it's all in place. If you find basic troubleshooting, repair programs and other basic fixes don't work, it might be time to take your computer to a repair center.

While most computer errors have simple solutions, if you don't know what you're doing, you could create bigger issues.

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