The Truth about How to make Website More Attractive
by: Raamakant S.

In the physical world you can easily sell a product by your interacting behavior and your marketing tactics. But in the e-world where there is no face to face interaction and all marketing is totally a game of your site's interaction with your visitor which may desperate them to turn into your healthy customers. While designing your site you must know who your target people are and what are their needs and will your website turns to be beneficial for them. A website's form and content is what will determine if a visitor will stay just a visitor or turn into your next customer. Today we will discuss how to accomplish the later.
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Does your Website Sell or Smell?
by: Mark Bellinger

Your website does not stand much chance of selling anything if it pays scant regard to the user. In other words your Site Visitor’s experience, in terms of the following, is what will make your site sell or smell! The following 7 guidelines are all equally important and will determine the success of your website.
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Streamline Your Website Pages
by: Eric Lester

Squeezing the most efficient performance from your web pages is important. The benefits are universal, whether the site is personal or large and professional. Reducing page weight can speed up the browsing experience, especially if your visitors are using dial-up internet access. Though broadband access is the future, the present still contains a great deal of dial-up users. Many sites, ecommerce sites especially, cannot afford to ignore this large section of the market. Sites with a large amount of unique traffic may also save on their total monthly traffic by slimming down their web pages. This article will cover the basics of on-page optimization in both text/code and graphics.
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Build Websites Easier With Premade Templates
by: Alex Marias

To most people the process of building a web site remains somewhat of a mystery. This confusion probably stems from the fact that there is a cornucopia of web sites on the Internet. Even with wide variety of sites, every single one can be divided into two sections: front-end and back-end.The front-end is the first thing that it is designed. It encompasses the look and feel of a web site. This is probably the most established part of the web site production process. Design has been around since Guttenberg printed his first bible. Much of what has been used in print media (especially art magazines) has transferred to the web.
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In search of … Can customers search your website—and actually find what they need? If not, you're losing dollars

THE SUCCESS OF GOOGLE'S SEARCH technology has transformed web users, who were already a sophisticated group of consumers, into even savvier searchers who now expect a top-notch experience on every site they visit--which could be a problem for e-tailers. Many site search engines still offer too many irrelevant results, too few results or none at all.

Feeling the pressure, netpreneurs are improving the search functions they already have or adding sophisticated search technologies to their sites for the first time. "One way to distinguish yourself from your competition on the web is to give people a really painless experience finding what they want on your website," says Avi Rappoport, editor of and principal consultant at Search Tools Consulting in Berkeley, California.
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All access: is your website accessible to consumers with disabilities? If not, you might be missing out on a valuable audience

HANDICAPPED access has changed the way brick-and-mortar retailers design their stores. Now it's e-tailers' turn. Changing market conditions and regulations are driving the internet's transformation into a friendlier environment for the disabled.

America's estimated 54 million disabled persons are already a significant and growing market, says the National Organization on Disability--and they're turning to the net to shop. Jay Leventhal, editor of AccessWorld (www.afb. org/aw), an online magazine published by the American Foundation for the Blind, says that when his publication first started in 2000, it wasn't practical because few blind people had web access. "But there are a lot more now," he says.
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