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If you own an Iphone, at some point in time you have probably wondered about getting free downloads for it. It seems that in the modern era more and more companies have websites and commercials offering free downloads of this and that, and now the Iphone is part of that craze too. You've probably noticed how downloading just about anything is becoming quite the fashion lately-it seems like we all know someone who has gone a little download crazy and amassed thousands of cds worth of music and movies etc. This is all well and good, more power to them, except that using the kinds of sites they use for those downloads is by and large illegal.

What's more, it's becoming increasingly likely that you will be caught too, as technology and society progresses further into the digital age. Not only that, but these kinds of download sites are the ones that hackers and other troublemakers use to spread their viruses and spyware etc onto your computer! There is, however a silver lining. With all the interest in downloading these days, it seems fitting that there has started to be a new kind of download site emerging, sites that are nowhere near as dangerous as the file sharing sites, and with a much bigger selection of files to boot. It's tricky to know when you are onto a good thing or not though, so here are a few things you should look out for: Make sure the site does actually offer Iphone downloads of the kind you are looking for. Many will try and lure you onto the site just in the hope that you click on their advertising, as that's how they make money. Also, take some time to see how you will actually receive the downloads.

It's not unheard of for a company to only give access to the downloads if you purchase some special software from them first. This is especially true of TV show/Movie download sites. As a final tip, try and see some examples of the media they have for you to download.

It's all very well them saying they have millions of files to download, but what if it's millions of files of really old music when all you want is top forty stuff? These are all things you should bear in mind. As you've seen, free Iphone downloads are becoming more and more commonplace, but it can be a real minefield if you don't know what's going on ? hopefully this article has opened your eyes a little.

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