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Read through these tips which will help you improve the position of your website in search engine results. The following compendium contains the essence of practical knowledge about search engine positioning I have acquired in the last years. It does not exhaust the topic, but will probably help promote your website in search engines, and particularly in Google - currently the most popular search engine in Poland and the world.

What is Search Engine Positioning? Search Engine Positioning (SEO) consists of placing your website among the first results displayed by the search engine, for the most popular keywords related to the website's subject. It is the sites' ranking granted by the search engine that decides whether the link to your website appears there or not. How do search engines work and how to make use of it? The search engines use different methods of evaluating webpages and the algorithms assessing indexed pages vary in different search engines, but there are three main elements taken into account: website's popularity link popularity website's design/structure and content Website's popularity Website's popularity is measured by search engines, basing on of the number of visits during a particular time and the amount of time spent on this website by an internaut. Search engine positioning for this parameter consists of putting such a text in the site's title and description that would encourage internauts to click on this particular link in the search engine results and visit your www.

The amount of time Internet users spend on a website depends on whether they find the information they are looking for and if the content is interesting for them or not. The more frequently a service is visited by the search engine's users, and the more time they spend on the website, the higher the popularity parameter and the website's position in the next searching results. Link popularity Link popularity is a very decisive factor when it comes to high rating in search engines.

This factor is determined on the basis of the number of links leading to a particular webpage from other pages, and the value of these links. The founders of the Google company (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) developed the concept of evaluating links even more. The algorithm of this search engine grants each website a so called PageRank note. The most popular way of increasing the link popularity (and in Google increasing the PageRank as well) is link exchange between websites.

This is a laborious process but one of the most effective and reliable ones. But the Google algorithm doesn't pay that much attention to the PageRank level anymore and one can achieve good results by lower PageRank level. What is important then? Links are important! Many links from other websites, but. .

with a well-suited anchor text in these links. Therefore try to make the links leading to your website text links in which the anchor text will include all the most important key words: this is the link's anchor text It is also crucial that these links occur on websites with a rather high Google PageRank note, that these websites include the least possible amount of links (especially those outgoing) and that the links are surrounded by the most possible amount of text coincident with the subject of our website to which we are linking. The Google algorithm pays more and more attention to the quality of websites where the links are placed, so mass placing links on websites on which dozens of other links are the only content is pointless. Taking the above-mentioned information into account, the SEO business in the USA introduces a concept of creating the so called 'presell pages'.

These are specially created websites with special content, thematically related to the promoted website on which, in the middle of the text, there are links. The power of such links is really considerable. Of course the website should be indexed in Google and have a decent PageRank level.

For example, a good presell page can be designed here. Remember to diversify the links' anchor text. If you, for instance, position a webpage for the keyword 'dogs', place links to different websites with phrases like 'dogs', 'pure-bred dogs', 'guard dogs', etc, several links, which do not contain the positioned phrase can be put on a positioned website.

The point is to make Google think that the links appearing are natural. A too homogeneous anchor text may cause that they will be acknowledged as artificially created by the positioner (one of Google's algorithm filters) and as a result the position will fall. My experience shows that it is better to have only five links from five different services (domains), and moreover, to have these services placed on five different servers with various IP numbers, than to have even 5000 links from one service only. Beside exchanging links, adding entries to directories with direct links is also recommendable (such directories which support launching websites in search engines are the RotMistrz Directory (Katalog RotMistrz) and the Open Directory (Otwarty Katalog), and of course other directories with direct links). These directories are good places to improve link popularity, PageRank Google notes, and what follows, to improve the position of your website in Google results. You can add websites to directories manually (which is a laborious and time-consuming task) or by an automatic adder (which is much quicker and more convenient).

When entering, remember about including keywords in the website's title (anchortext). If you want to make things easier, it is worth trying the automatic systems of mutual promotion of websites by text links exchange. All web pages belonging to Linkor - the first Polish system - would contain links to other pages in the system. These are direct text links chosen at random. Each website in the system receives a specific number of points depending on the number of websites indexed by a given domain in Google and on the PageRank level for the main website of the service. In the original version of Linkor the links were changed each time the website was loaded.

Unfortunately, recently one could observe a decrease of importance of such links caused by the fact that Google's and other leading search engines' algorithm becoming resistant to these kind of quickly rotating links. The response to this became systems which offer sticking links to a webpage for longer, so that the search engine's robot visiting this page could 'see' the same links for a longer period of time. Then the power of such links would rise significantly. The best known system of static links exchange is Link Vault, where each added website is individually checked by the moderator, which ensures good quality of the system. Subject and language is set for each page, which provides high subject conformity of the links exchanging services.

Register in Link Vault and benefit from the great power of static links (with anchor text stated by yourself) placed in hundreds of quality services with a high PageRank level. A Polish system of static links exchange is LinkujPRO. It is based on Link Vault's solutions and requires a little polishing up in comparison with LV, but it is developing quite quickly and works steadily, providing its services with good effects. For some time now I have also been testing two more Polish links Exchange systems: LiveLink and LinkOrn.

An advantage of LiveLink is that when giving points not only the PageRank note and the number of indexed pages are taken into account, but also the amount of outgoing links (websites with few outgoing links are appreciated) and the place where the system links are placed - top, middle or bottom of the page. In the documentation they write: 'The team believes that the higher in the code the links are placed, the more valuable they are.' This doesn't need to be at the top of the page (it can be in the middle), but a place other than the imprint should be appreciated indeed. Copyright (c) 2008 Adam Nowak.

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