Simple Tips For A Longer Digital Camera Battery Life

What is a digital camera battery? Every one knows the answer - the power source that drives a digital camera. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that the performance of a digital camera is largely dependent upon the stability of power supply it could derive from the battery. However, the digital camera has never been famous for its power consumption.

For example, AA cells that drive most digital cameras, taken 4 at a time, can power a digital camera for one hour maximum, assuming it ran continuously. Not a good omen in any count, but for any digital photographer, the writing on the wall is quite clear; if to use a digital camera, be ready to spend a decent amount on recharging the battery. No one is to be blamed for this type of unbridled power consumption of a digital camera. It has something to do with the state-of-the-art digital design and intricate circuitry.

The only way out is to keep check on the power consumption rate and to use a more efficient battery. Commenting on the latter point first - recently it has been found out that Li-ion, NiMH, and NiCAD batteries are more efficient and long lasting than conventional AA cells. NiMH is the costliest amongst the lot, but its feature to recharge, in a longer run, could help cover the initial cost. Selecting the most efficient of the digital camera batteries alone won't solve the problem completely. To strike a balance between the battery life and your pocket, further steps need to be taken.

Elaborating on this, the one aspect those using a digital camera tend to forget is that they mainly waste a lot of power by not effectively handling the camera. As a rule of thumb, let us see few tips that can be for lengthening the battery life. · While selecting batteries, never ever mix and match different brands. · Check playback to the minimum possible. · Never expose the batteries to moisture or water.

If not in use, take out the batteries from the camera. · Switch off the LCD viewfinder if not using. · And the most important of all, when not in use, switch of the digital camera. Many of our inefficient ways are borne out of carelessness than any technical hurdle or ignorance. By following the above mentioned steps, with a little effort, one can easily learn to fetch more mileage for his/her digital camera batteries. Remember, it not only extends the battery life but also these simple tips will save you money.

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