Sony Ericsson W Best from Sony Ericsson

The Sony Ericsson W580 GSM Cell Phone offers a complete world roaming cellular solution with its quad-band support. This light cell phone comes in at a mere 94 grams total weight (3.3 ounces) and you will find that it's relatively easy to handle.

It isn't terribly thick either, coming in at 14mm (0.55 inches) wide. The Sony Ericsson W580 is designed specifically for the USA market in mind, which isn't found very often anymore when it comes to Sony. Sony is banking on the music capabilities of the W580 to attract its American customers.

The music abilities of the W580 rival that of a modern day digital music player, some of you may call them MP3 players. The W580 automatically comes with a 512MB memory stick when you purchase the phone. This kind of memory gives you enough room to store roughly 500 - 600 songs total, you may find it tough to fill up.

If you need more memory than this, you can always purchase another card with more memory. The Sony Ericsson W580 makes it easy to switch between cards. You'll also find that the W580 comes with a USB cable that allows you to seamlessly connect your W580 to your home PC. If you want, you could store files and other data easily on the W580. If you'd rather listen to your music on the radio, the W580 does that too.

There's an RDS compatible FM radio that delivers decent quality audio, and reception is clear for the most part. The W580 is also Bluetooth compatible, which is a joy for music lovers who like to listen to their music on wireless headphones. With integrated stereo support you can connect your pair of wireless headphones and enjoy your digital music without the annoyance of clunky wires and parts flying around as you walk.

The TFT display on the W580 is 2¨ with a rich 262k colors. The display isn't difficult to read, and the font size is good, clear and easy on the eyes. If you're a picture lover, the W580 comes complete with an integrated 2 MP fixed focus cam. There's also full video support, capture videos and store them on the memory stick. You can also playback the captured videos at your leisure. The Sony Ericcson W580 offers plenty of extras to keep people happy with their new phone.

The extras include a fitness pedometer to easily keep track of your workouts, a full RSS news feed reader, java games, and even a track ID application that allows you to identify certain songs by simply holding the phone up to the music, like a speaker for example. Battery life is pretty solid with the Sony Ericcson W580. There's a good 9 hours of talk time, and standby time comes in at almost a week and a half (about 15 days roughly). Instead of going with a digital music player, you may want to strongly consider the benefits of the Sony Ericsson W580.

It combines high quality audio and music capabilities with a cell phone, complete with a good camera.

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