The Ubiquitous Cell Phone

In today`s world, the number of people using cellular phones (telefone celular) run into millions; and it is no wonder, since it is such a wonderful gadget - with a cellular phone, you can easily talk to anyone on this planet, from just about anywhere ! In earlier times, people would install radio telephones in their cars if they needed mobile communications badly. In this system, there would be a single central antenna tower in each city, and about 25 channels would be available. So not many people could use radio telephones, as the number of channels available were so few. With the present day cellular system, a city has been divided into small cells. So extensive frequency reuse is possible across the city, making it possible for millions of people to use their cellular phones at the same time. This small device, tiny enough to be carried within one`s fist, has become the craze of the age.

No other single electronic device has acquired as much popularity within such a short span of time. The phenomenal development in cellular phone technology and its unprecedented demand has led to a continuous supply of new cellular phones (telefone celular). The leading phone manufacturers are continuously providing new phone models to mobile crazy groups, with petite looks, cute shapes and dazzling colors, and these have been enriched with fashionable designs and multiple functionalities. For some people, carrying the latest cellular phone handset has become a fashion statement.

The other striking thing about cellular phones (telefone celular) is their easy availability. While there are costly high-end cellular phones for the rich, medium range and cheap cellular phones have also become widely available. The array of functions the cellular phone (telefone celular) provides today is astonishing, and more and more new ones are being added all the time. Depending on the model of cell phone you are using, you can: store contact information; make to-do lists; set reminders and track appointments; do simple math on the calculator; send or receive email; get news, stock quotes, entertainment from the Internet; watch TV, play games, take pictures, send text messages; integrate devices like MP3 players. Camera phones have become hugely popular, and these days it has almost become a standard feature in the latest models. With a camera phone, you can take and share high quality pictures.

Indeed, camera phones are now driving the cellular phone market. Camera phones (telefone celular) are becoming the favorites of people interested in photography; these are not only user friendly, they are also more handy for capturing unanticipated moments of surprise. Along with a camera, there are features like the ability to email or send pictures, store a large number of pictures in the memory, set them as wallpaper and many more. Since cell phones are around us all the time, and so many people are absorbed in private conversations in every possible place, cell phone users should follow some basic rules and good manners. So it is in order to remind users to always put their cellular phone on mute during meetings, public performances and in public places like elevators, libraries, museums, restaurants, theaters etc.

The ring tone should be pleasing to the ears and not jangle on the nerves of the people around. One should always speak softly and never talk loudly on the cell phone, and always excuse oneself before taking a call. Do not interrupt a face to face conversation to take a call, unless you are anticipating an emergency. Use the hands free device while you are driving.

Also, respect the personal space of other people and keep at least ten feet of space away from people when you are speaking on your cell phone (telefone celular).

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