Transistor the main component of computers

Because of transistor fast responce and accuracy, they can be used in a wide cariety of functions: amplification, switching, voltage regulation and signal modulation. The transistor can be used as a part as part of an integrated circuit chip, which can hold millions of transistors in very small areas. The transistors are considered to be one of the greatest inventions in history, being the most important element used to build computers and all other electronic devices.

An advanced microprocessor can use about 1.7 billion transistors. Because of the low cost of transistor, there is a trend to digitize information. The digital computers offers the ability to quick process data, today much media data is delivered in digital form, finally being converted by computers in analog form. The transistors also influenced television, radio, and newspapers. The transistors can be made with germanium, silicon, gallium arsenide or silicon carbide.

The most important areas of usability are: Switches, Amplifiers and Computers. Amplifiers are used in a vast number of ways: sound reproduction, radio transmission and signal processing. Transistors are also used in modern musical instrument amplifiers, replacing valves in instrument amplifiers.

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