Versions of Windows XP

The current client version of Windows. XP is a major upgrade to the client version of Windows 2000 with numerous changes to the user interface. XP added improved support for gaming, digital photography, instant messaging and wireless networking. It added a personal firewall and improved sharing connections to the Internet. Although XP is a client operating system, it can function as a server in a peer-to-peer network.

Pro is so easy that you don't even need a manual for it, so it doesn't come with one--at least, that's what Microsoft would have you think. Think again--and make David Pogue, Craig Xacker and L.J. Zacker's Windows See Windows XP. 2nd Edition (0596008988 $29.

95)) your desk 'bible'. Updated to include A software patch that is applied to an installed application. It is either downloaded from the vendor's Web site or distributed via CD-ROM. When executed, it modifies the application in place. 2, the book comes packed with insights on how to effectively To make minor adjustments in an electronic system or in a software program in order to improve performance.

See calibrate. Windows Media Player--such as how to create and organize playlists and delete a song on a playlist, The instant messaging (IM) client in Windows XP. It is the XP counterpart to MSN Messenger, which is available for other versions of Windows, PDAs and the Mac. It uses the .NET Messenger Service (formerly MSN Messenger Service) to let users with Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger communicate over the Internet. Organizations can use the instant messaging capabilities in Microsoft Exchange 2000 to set up a private IM system.

--which can be used in audio mode to avoid typing, and more. From converting a basic disc to a dynamic disc to setting up user accounts with passwords, Windows XP Pro 2nd Edition is the best handbook a user could buy. If you have Windows XP Pro as a Home Edition, choose David Pogue's Windows See Windows XP. Edition 2nd Edition (059600897X, $24.95): it offers the basics of mastering XP Pro's basic programs from menus and locating lost files to using the new In Windows, starting with Windows 95, the Start menu is a launching pad for applications. It is also used to turn the machine off.

The default location of the Start menu button is the left side of the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. The Start menu contains pointers (shortcuts) to the programs stored on the hard disk, because installation programs place an icon in the Start menu's Programs section. design. New tutorials and updates on Service Pack 2 make this an invaluable reference.

Advanced programmers will want to consult Mike Danseglio's Securing The .NET version of the Windows 2000 server operating system. Introduced in the spring of 2003, it was originally known as .NET Server 2003.

Similar to the Windows 2000 offerings, Windows Server 2003 is available in several versions. The Enterprise and Datacenter Editions are geared for mission critical applications with support for clustering, failover and load balancing. They are also available in 64-bit versions for Intel's IA-64 architecture. (0596006853, $39.95): it's written by a noted security expert who explains Windows Server 2003 is more than just a See network operating system.; it's loaded with network services and user services which will prove invaluable when fully understand.

Securing Windows Server 2003 is devoted to fully understanding the system's options; from learning encryption and account password protection to using smart cards to make a system secure and derailing low-tech intrusions. An excellent, practical and technical guide for any building a server system using the Windows 2003 server. Tony Northrup and Eric Faulkner's Home Hacking Projects For Geeks (0596004052, $29.95) provides step-by-step instructions for creating a home high-tech habitat using one's PC. Projects focus on ideas not available commercially or which are too costly for the consumer to justify: thirteen such projects are divided into chapters sch as Home Entertainment or Home Security and include creating a whole-house audio system, making your house 'talk' and more.

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